Passport2Health – the Gateway to Private Medical Insurance for More People

If you thought the cost of private medical insurance was prohibitive, think again. Passport2Health, a relative newcomer to the private medical insurance arena, is launching a new affordable plan, which can cost as little as £19 per month. This could not have arrived at a better time, as with consumers needing to be increasingly careful with their spending and private medical insurance seen as an unaffordable luxury, this will open the door to many people who were previously excluded from the benefits that health insurance can offer. While its premiums can be as much as half the price of traditional plans, this does not mean that you will receive anything less than the best care should you need to use it.

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The choice is yours

Although we can’t grumble about the state of the art diagnostic technology available to us, until now UK patients have had limited choice regarding their treatment. The new scheme offers the use of diagnostic services in the UK and then treatment at a private European Hospital. While using your usual GP and then receiving access to the same diagnostics and private consultations as would be available though other private medical insurance schemes, you will be able to choose which country you wish to receive treatment in. Currently hospitals taking part include those in Spain, Portugal, Malta, Germany, France, Cyprus and Belgium, though this is not exhaustive and further countries are likely to be added. Whichever hospital you choose, you can guarantee that they have had to meet strict criteria. All the hospitals participating have been carefully selected to ensure that they will provide the highest standards of care both before, during and after treatment and foster an environment that promotes recovery. The English language capability of their staff has also been rigorously assessed.

A timely and extensive service

While we might be used to long waits on the NHS, through Passport2Health you can expect to receive treatment within four weeks of your diagnosis. This scheme also covers a wide range of surgical specialisms, including orthopaedics, ophthalmology and cardiology, which people frequently choose to receive private medical care for.

All the organisation is taken care of for you

Even though so-called medical tourism is thought to be used by 60,000 people in the UK each year who travel abroad for treatment, they have to co-ordinate all aspects of the trip and treatment, not to mention face a large bill. There is no need to worry about booking flights or accommodation through the Passport2Health scheme, as the insurers will arrange this just as they do your treatment, after-care and UK follow-up. Having this taken out of your hands at a time when you are no doubt anxious about your recent diagnosis means that you can relax a little. You are also able to take a companion with you on your trip abroad to receive treatment, which will provide you with some comfort while away from home.

The small print

While the quoted premiums are for a fit young adult, be aware that they will be determined by factors such as your age, past medical history and your current state of health. However, that said, the comparative price may well still give you much welcome savings in relation to other private health insurance schemes. Although the majority of surgical procedures can be carried out as with traditional medical insurance, the exception is with the treatment of cancer. This is because the treatment of a chronic condition such as cancer usually extends over a long period of time and significant support from family and friends is often required to help patients get through it.

by Amy Millband