AXA Private Health Insurance

For AXA private health insurance customers, speed is important. When your body is already stressed by illness or injury, you don’t want to spend hours–and risk further complications–waiting for care. With over 24,000 specialist consultants, AXA private insurance let’s you choose where and when you are treated. Let our expert advisors provide you with the details of all the best policies–and the best deals–available on AXA insurance.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?

Cheap AXA health insurance

The AXA Essentials Pack includes a range of basic benefits, from covering hospital charges and the charges involved in seeing a specialist (whether for the day or overnight), to surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Plus you get 24-hour access to AXA’s health information helpline for all your medical inquiries. Cheap AXA health insurance provides comprehensive cover for any serious health problems you may have.

AXA private medical insurance

If the basic Essentials pack does not provide all the cover you need, or you think you may need more cover for peace of mind, AXA private medical insurance offers a range of add-ons for your policy. Whether you want basic to full out-patient cover, cover for mental health issues, or  health insurance living abroad, there are plenty of options available so you can tailor a package specifically to your needs.

AXA private health insurance quote

If you think AXA’s health insurance compare options offer the cover you need, one of our expert advisors can help you find the package that is right for you. We can also get an AXA private health insurance quote for you that will give you the best possible deal on AXA health insurance, so you can be sure that everything you need is covered without having to worry about the cost.