The Meriden Hospital – a Shining Example of an Excellent Private Hospital

With a private health insurance plan arranged through Luxury Medical you will have access to top quality private hospitals such as the Meriden Hospital. With 52 en-suite rooms, the Meriden can rival any other private hospital with the highest standards of quality and care that it offers. Not only can you expect to be treated by top consultants, the nursing care is second to none. Patients who have had the benefit of receiving care at any BMI private hospital will confirm the positive experience that they have had. At the Meriden nearly 100% of patients surveyed rated their consultant, nursing staff and the quality of care they received as good, very good or excellent, with consequently the majority feeling that they would recommend the hospital to others; there is no better recommendation than that from a patient.

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Whether you are seeking physiotherapy, surgery for the removal of cataracts or the expert management of heart disease, a wide range of medical conditions are diagnosed and treated at the Meriden, which private medical insurance will allow you to take advantage of.

While many patients worry about the prospect of a hospital admission, with fears around acquiring an infection during their stay, your mind can be put at ease, as the Meriden takes infection control very seriously. This is reflected in statistics for the incidence of MRSA and C. diff infections, as the rates for both in BMI hospitals as a whole is significantly lower than NHS hospitals – around one seventh for C. diff and one quarter for MRSA.

If your treatment does require a hospital stay, you will be glad that you took out health insurance over 50, as the facilities at the Meriden provide a home from home. Not only do you receive broadband internet and an entertainment system in the privacy of your own room, but the excellent menus provide an extensive variety of choices and should you have a specific dietary need, these can be easily catered for. As a positive environment and appropriate nutrition can aid recovery, the Meriden fosters both of these and helps contribute to patient satisfaction.

As a private hospital, UK wide you will struggle to find better than the BMI Meriden, which is able to treat patients no matter which part of the country they are from. If the Meriden is not a good enough reason to take out a health insurance renewal, it begs the question, what is?

by Amy Millband