Cheap Private Medical Insurance

While you inevitably want to save money on your health coverage, setting the right balance between the costs and benefits when choosing between cheap private medical insurance plans is important. Some policies that have the same monthly premiums attached have similar terms and conditions, and offer similar coverage, whereas others vary widely. Choosing a health protection plan simply because it is the cheapest could therefore leave you disappointed when you came to make a claim for private treatment.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?

One of our expert advisers will take the time to fully understand all of your healthcare needs and make sure that whilst you don’t spend more than you have to on your policy, that you and your family get the right level of cover to allow you access to all the medical services and treatments you may need. By submitting the form below, this can help us to understand what you are looking for.


It is often the case that despite paying the insurance premium each month that you only need to access medical treatment once a year or sometimes even less frequently. As a result you are no doubt keen to reduce the cost of your insurance premium expenses to take advantage of affordable medical cover. However, choosing reduced premium policies may mean you end up without the appropriate coverage when you need it. If you then need to pay extra for treatments not included in your health protection plan, this can prove very costly.

As a consumer you have to be very careful when looking to buy cheap private medical insurance, but we can help you to avoid the pitfalls of discount health cover. If you want to make sure that a particular condition or treatment is included in your medical plan, getting in touch can let us find you a suitable policy that meets your needs as closely as possible.


As short term savings on your monthly medical insurance premiums may lead to increased expenditure over the longer term due to hidden charges and ineligible treatments, it pays to shop around for cheap private medical insurance UK. Some low cost health cover does offer you access to more comprehensive medical services, but without experience of the health insurance market, it can be difficult to find deals on the best protection plans.

Although medical coverage is more expensive if you smoke and have an extensive past medical history, we will still aim to help you find a cheap health insurance deal. There may be other ways that you can access reduced monthly insurance rates if your health or lifestyle makes you ineligible for discount medical protection plans.  For instance, if you are willing to restrict your choice of treatment centres, this can offer you a saving on your private health cover, though picking up the cost of less expensive treatments so you make fewer claims is another way to still access cheap private medical insurance policies. With our help, whatever your circumstances, we can make affordable private medical plans more accessible, so make contact to find out how little it may cost to protect your health.