Health Insurance Europe

Each country’s healthcare system is different, and the idea of having to get medical treatment abroad can be daunting. Health insurance for Europe gives you all the cover you need, and allows you to focus on other things, safe in the knowledge that should anything happen to you and your loved ones, you are protected. Health insurance for Europe gives access to many of the usual perks; private hospitals, advanced treatments and dedicated specialists, which are even more of a comfort when abroad than when at home. One of our expert advisers can get you a brilliant quote for health insurance to cover Europe today.

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Health insurance Europe travel

Wherever you go in the member states, you will have access to the best treatments, hospitals and specialists available to care for you should anything happen. There are different policy tiers to suit any budget, meaning if you only want to pay for the basics, you can, or if you want fully comprehensive cover, there’s an option available for that, too. With health insurance for Europe travel you can be covered for repatriation, should you need to return home to be treated, as well as emergency care. Luxury medical offer private health insurance.

Health insurance E111

By travelling in Europe, you are eligible for an E111 European Health Insurance Card. This card, which is free (although there may be a small application fee), entitles you to health insurance group medical treatment and care in the country that is the same level as the care that would be provided to a resident of that country. The health insurance E111 covers any medical treatments that may become necessary during your stay abroad, even from pre-existing conditions, as well as maternity care, and the provision of services such as oxygen and dialysis.