Health Insurance Over 50

Once you enter your fifties, you should strongly consider purchasing health insurance over 50. As you enter this and subsequent decades of your life, you have changing healthcare needs, and your medical policy and cover should reflect this. Our private health insurance advisers can ensure that you have adequate insurance cover for everyday healthcare, as well as for unforeseeable health emergencies. Even if you are concerned about pre-existing conditions, we can help you find the private health policy that best fits your health insurance over 50 requirements.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?


A sound healthcare plan is a sound investment for your peace of mind, as you can protect yourself and your family both physically and financially with this essential medical coverage in place. As you get older, it is likely that you will develop a range of medical conditions associated with advancing age, and this often means that you may have more medicines prescribed, you may need to undergo surgical treatments, and you may need correction of optical or dental problems. With the right health insurance over 50 package, you can cover all these comprehensive health needs so that you have the right medical cover in place should you need it. There are several packages for health insurance over 50, which vary from one medical insurance provider to another in terms of what they offer and the premiums you pay. However, they all widen your access to medical treatment. If you have a non-urgent medical need, waiting for NHS treatment can take time. With private health insurance, you receive swift medical intervention at the hospital of your choice. The cost of health cover does increase with age, but even with the higher rate of premiums when you reach 50, along with health insurance VAT, the benefits of private health insurance over 50 outweigh this cost.


You are at higher risk of illness once you enter late middle age and progress into your senior years, with conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and joint disease all more common. However, this is not always the case, and if you are over 50 and still in good health you may be able to negotiate with your insurance provider to get the cover you need at the right price. There are also some specific schemes for older people who wish to access a private health protection plan, including those who are already in retirement. If after you retire you decide to spend considerable time abroad, it is certainly worth considering expat health insurance, but always remember to ask the necessary health insurance questions of your provider to make sure that your private health policy provides the cover you need. If in doubt about your suitability for a particular medical insurance over 50 policy, one of our expert advisers can guide you on this.