Health Insurance Self Employed

As a self-employed business owner, the idea of having to have time off work due to ill health is even more concerning than to someone in full-time employment. As the centre of your business, you need to be fit and healthy. Health insurance for the self-employed gives you cover at an affordable price that is specifically focussed on getting you diagnosed, treated, and recovered as soon as possible, should you fall ill. One of our expert advisors can get you a great deal on health insurance for self-employed people.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?

Best health insurance self employed

The best health insurance for self-employed people is one that focusses on speed and convenience. Waiting times might be a minor annoyance to someone in full time employment, but as a self-employed person your time really is money. Access to nearby specialists, hospitals and treatments means that you can get back on your feet in no time, minimising the impact any illness or accident will have on your business. Policies give you access to cutting edge treatments and technologies, creating a perfect package to suit those for whom speedy recovery is the number one priority. Look at the health insurance tax.

Health insurance self employed deduction

You can make a health insurance self-employed deduction for the full cost of your health insurance from your taxable income, providing your income is high enough. This means that getting health insurance whilst self-employed is a lot easier and more affordable than you might think. You may have to budget tightly and think that health insurance, while beneficial, is something that you cannot afford, but by deducting the cost from your taxable income, it becomes a very realistic prospect. You can deduct the cost of your private health insurance uk from your taxable income even if it covers your partner and your dependants.