When you die, your life insurance provider will pay out a lump sum of money to your family so that they can cover costs such as paying for your funeral, or settling any outstanding debts. This payout can also help those close to you avoid financial hardship following your death, as with a lump sum they have the means to meet their needs more easily. Depending upon your age, the premiums you have to pay will vary. The best way to find out life insurance rates by age is to fill out the form below to get an affordable quote on life cover.


Life insurance policies take your age into account, as this not only affects the length of policy you will need, but also other factors that affect the premiums you will pay. While youth can work in your favour, as you are generally in better health, life insurance rates also take into account lifestyle choices, so more risky pursuits can also push up the cost of a life insurance policy. However, as information is gathered about your medical conditions and your lifestyle, this will help to decide the overall life insurance cost irrespective of whether you are 25 or over 50.

Policies for life insurance usually range from between 5 and 25 years, although longer and shorter policies are available. It is important to remember though that if you take out term life insurance that these will only pay out if your die during the fixed period of time that you took out the policy for. On the other hand whole of life policies make payments whenever you die, so long as you have kept up paying your monthly premiums. Over 50s life insurance works on the same basis as whole of life cover.

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If you are over 50, you want a policy that reflects your personal requirements, which is why there are many providers who offer cover that is specifically tailored to provide life insurance over 50. Our team of helpful advisers can provide you with more information about the cost of life insurance policies for the over 50s and which are most suited to your needs.


Providers use medical examinations to assess the general health of new customers. They can then use this to offer you the best premiums and policy lengths. If you do not wish to have a medical exam in order to adjust your premium and term rates, you can get a life insurance over 50 no medical policy. This is because anyone aged over 50 is accepted, even if you have a history of medical problems or you are currently ill. However, there is usually an upper age limit on over 50s life insurance plans and you may need to have made a minimum number of payments before you can make a claim. If you would like to know more about how these protection plans for the over 50s work, one of our advisers can help you understand the benefits.


As you will find that term length, premiums and payouts vary, you want to be sure that you take out the right life protection policy for your circumstances. If you are over 50, it is even more important that your life insurance cover reflects this, so it essential that you compare over 50s life insurance rates and policies between providers. To find out some of the best quotes for life insurance over 50 years old fill out the form below.


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