Private Health Cover Explained

Most people worry about their future finances. Serious illness or an accident can have a huge impact upon your finances in the future. Private health cover is explained as an insurance to protect you financially against the cost of unexpected health complications. As well as private health cover explained, this article also covers a couple of common points that arise when talking about private health cover. The easiest way to find out everything you need to know is to call one of our expert advisors, who will be happy to discuss your options with you.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?

Private health cover excess

The excess on your policy is the amount that you pay towards the cost of any medical treatments or any hospital fees, on top of monthly premiums. This means you will split the cost with your insurance provider. Your private health cover excess may be a monetary figure or a percentage of any costs incurred, and will depend on your policy. You can get policies with low, or even no excesses, meaning that your insurance provider will cover all of the costs related to treatments, scans or visits to specialists, although this will increase the cost of your monthly premiums.

Private health cover existing condition

Private health cover is designed to protect you from the costs of unexpected illnesses or the cost of treatments should you have an accident. As existing conditions are already known to you, and you are aware of the future costs and affect to your daily life that are a consequence of your condition, you cannot usually find private health cover existing condition policies. You can still take out private health cover, but your current condition and any side-effects of that condition is likely to be excluded from your policy.