Private Medical Insurance Costs

We strive to provide you with the latest news and information when it comes choosing a healthcare plan. Our expert analysts scrutinise all the advantages and features of each private medical plan and guide you to the one that closest matches your needs. We aim to find you the cheapest policy that still covers most or all of your healthcare requirements. Beyond shorter waiting times, having healthcare insurance gives you access to the latest drugs and also the most modern facilities that private hospitals throughout the UK have to offer. This ensures that you have quick access to the best treatments when you need medical care and we can make arranging health cover an easy process for you.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?


You first need to decide which areas of healthcare you need coverage for and whether there are any other services you would like included within your medical protection plan. If you are in good health, you may wonder whether you need to bother with private medical insurance costs, but even when fit and well you can’t know what the future may hold in terms of your physical and mental wellness. Taking out a basic health insurance policy is worth the monthly payments to ensure that you can access hospital treatment should you need it. However, for peace of mind, you may prefer comprehensive medical cover that will payout for outpatient treatment and enhanced medical services. While polices that offer you a greater level of healthcare cover come with a higher monthly premium attached, it is possible to negotiate with insurers to reduce private health insurance quotes UK costs. For instance, if you are willing to pay an excess on treatment you receive, this can help to reduce your monthly health insurance costs.


Private medical insurance costs are on the increase owing to the growing cost of providing healthcare, and with each year you can expect to pay a little more, as advancing age makes you more vulnerable to medical problems. There are ways that you can achieve lower private medical insurance costs though. One way is to stay in good health, as if you don’t make a claim, this can keep the price of your premiums for health cover down. It is also the case that private medical insurance costs are usually higher for people with unhealthy habits, such as smokers, and you can often expect to pay more for a health protection plan if you are overweight, so addressing your lifestyle choices is important to keep your premiums low.

Although there are websites where you can browse facts about the medical insurance market and go through all the exclusions and benefits of each company’s policies, we can help you in your search for affordable medical insurance. With our extensive health insurance comparison research and experience, we can find the most suitable policy for your budget and your health requirements, so complete the form above to take advantage of our expertise in the medical insurance market.