Private Medical Insurance UK

We can give you immediate access to the most up to date advice and information on private medical insurance to help you access quicker treatment at the hospital of your choice. When you choose private medical insurance UK, we can help you source the highest quality cover at the price you can afford, based on the monthly premiums you are able to pay. The greater your budget is for monthly payments, the more extensive your health cover will be, but even basic health insurance packages will cover your tests and treatment as either an inpatient or a day case. If you are unsure about the benefits of paying a higher premium for private medical insurance, one of our professional advisers will discuss finding the right balance between the cost of your health coverage and the features of the policy.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?


The ideal private medical insurance for you is the one that gives you peace of mind and secures your loved ones’ health yet doesn’t exceed your budget. If you are particularly keen to have outpatient care covered or to receive access to specialist treatments, it is important to choose a health care policy that covers these requirements. You will pay more each month to cover these additional services, as is the case if you opt for the likes of dental care and optician visits. Your chosen centre for treatment is another factor that can influence the cost of private health insurance UK. Private healthcare facilities in London can be far more costly than elsewhere in the UK, so if you want to benefit from care at one of the capital’s top private hospitals, your monthly premiums will reflect this. Your current health and smoking habits will also determine the health insurance rates you pay and when you choose a private medical health insurance UK policy, you need to decide whether you want a moratorium underwriting or a full medical underwriting.


Full medical underwriting requires you to declare to the insurer your complete medical history. As a result some of the conditions you have suffered from will not be covered by your health protection plan, but this is an attractive option if you have a good bill of health, as it enables you access to wider medical coverage. Meanwhile, a moratorium plan allows you to access private medical insurance without having to submit any medical information or declare any chronic conditions when buying health insurance online . This is a good option if you have pre-existing health problems, which are usually excluded from a policy if you have accessed treatment for them within the last five years. While it is important that you stick to your budget for private medical insurance UK, by completing our form you can see just how little it can cost to provide you and your family with medical protection. If you are looking for a more comprehensive health insurance policy, our experienced team can help you get the best deal on medical coverage that includes those extra services that are important to you.