WPA Private Health Insurance

WPA offer you flexible health insurance with the option of including your partner or another family member for free for the first year of cover. As well as access to treatments and drugs for diseases such as cancer that are not available on the NHS, WPA’s health insurance comes in three different levels of cover, allowing you to choose exactly what you need. We can get you the best deals on WPA health insurance.

Cheap WPA health insurance

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With WPA’s Value: Essentials package you get cash benefits for elective surgery, as well as cover for non-emergency surgery, prosthesis, pre-admissions tests and post hospital consultations and tests. Cheap WPA health insurance does not mean you have to compromise on quality, and this package gives you all the basic cover you need to give you peace of mind at a great price.

WPA private medical insurance

WPA private medical insurance has two further tiers; Business Class: Premier and First Class: Elite, for if you want more coverage than the standard package provides. Premier coverage includes non-surgical medical treatment, diagnostic tests and scans, and out-patient procedures as some of the extra benefits. On top of that, Elite gives you comprehensive cancer-cover including radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as well as access to advanced cancer drugs. View other private health insurance plans.

WPA private health insurance quote

Our expert advisors are on hand to provide you with a great quote for WPA health insurance with no waiting period. They can talk you through the options and help you decide what the best package is to suit your needs. We can get you the best WPA private health insurance quote, so you can be sure you will be receiving the insurance coverage you need, and at a great price. We can help you get peace of mind without the expected cost.