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We provide quotes and information on all the UK’s affordable and balanced private health insurance policies for yourself and your family. Your expert adviser will use the largest and most accurate database and research tools to find the best private health insurance plans available in the UK and take advantage of a powerful search engine to ensure you get the best quote on a policy that meets all your needs. There’s no obligation so why not fill our short form in below and receive your quote now.


If you are looking for the best health coverage available in the UK look no further. Our expert advisers are able to link you with the best private medical cover available in your area that are accepted by all private doctors and health care centers including those run by Bupa. The number one goal here at Luxury Medical is to take the hassle out of finding health insurance in the UK and getting you and your family healthy again at your favorite medical center or with the private specialist of your choice. If you’re tired of the NHS wasting your precious time, right now is a great opportunity to call today and get on the private health coverage that you are dreaming about. No matter how large or how little coverage you are seeking each representative will give their full attention to your health care needs and deliver the best possible policy available to you with no hassle.

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In today’s world there are many health insurance companies to pick from, especially in the United Kingdom. Our expert staff is in constant contact with only the best medical plan providers, such as AXA, Aviva, Groupama and PruHealth, and will work their hardest to get you and your family the best private health insurance policy at the very best rate possible to help cover the costs of long-term health care. We know the big guys can be hard to deal with alone, so why bother with the health coverage game on your own? We provide the best all around players to get the coverage that fits you best. No more waiting on hold or waiting days for a generic email response to your important questions. Finding a new health care policy doesn’t have to be an uphill battle forever, call today and get on your way to a policy with one of the health insurance companies in the UK that fits you best!


Tired of using all of your saved up free time just to compare different suppliers of medical plans in your area? Let our experts do your health insurance comparisons for you while you put your feet up and relax. No need to bother with any more health insurance comparison tools or time consuming spreadsheets that only leave you frustrated. Your Luxury Medical affiliated adviser will send you the health insurance comparisons within hours in an easy to understand fashion that will make the decision process to obtaining private health insurance in the UK an easy matter and get you to seeing your favourite private doctor or specialist in no time. We believe your health is your most important priority in life, and thusly we believe there should be no hassle when it comes to your health care and finding a way to cover it. Contact us today to begin the fast track with one of our experts and get your life back on easy street.

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Every person deserves quality health care coverage in the UK but they also should be able to receive health care policies at the cheapest private medical insurance rate. Whether your visit to the doctor is for a simple medical check up or for a life saving medical surgery, cheap private medical insurance that covers all of your needs from your initial co-pay to your check out balance is essential. Private medical insurance costs in the United Kingdom are constantly on the rise as well and all medical patients deserve to get the cheapest rate on their medical insurance policies as they possibly can get. Cheap private medical insurance for unemployed individuals is also obtainable through the proper medical research available on “your company name here”. While many deserving individuals struggle to lock down a great policy alone, our experts are available at your convenience and will fight to get you the best medical policy within your budget. Don’t go it alone while looking for your coverage, our friendly staff is available day and night to fight for you and get you on your way to a better future and a healthier life.


If you have recently lost your employer-sponsored health care coverage, you will be needing some sort of private medical insurance to cover your family’s medical needs. With hundreds of different health coverage options in the United Kingdom and numerous types of premiums finding the proper coverage can be a daunting task for any individual. With our expert guidance there will be no more problems with lack of coverage due to pre-existing conditions that are commonly found within the public health care system within the UK, only the best policy coverage that you truly deserve. Private medical coverage can reduce your out of pocket expenses leaving yourself and your family with more wealth to use on what truly matters such as family vacations and simple outings. Times like these shouldn’t be wasted by flipping through charts and diagrams of coverage policies. Whether you are looking for health care dental or simply more information on how the private health care system works in the United Kingdom, don’t hesitate to contact one of our expert advisers via the contact form above or check out a few of the resource links placed below.