The concept of insuring you biggest assets is not an uncommon one however some celebrities are taking it a step further. Insuring their money making body parts that earn their livelihoods. It seems that if a star wants to join in on the crazy body part insurance trend, Lloyds of London is one of the many companies who would be happy to insure pretty much anything!

You’d be surprised what you can insure these days, even ideas! The only problem being, how much do you want your premium to be? Check out the list of celebrities below who, for probably good reasons, insured aspects of themselves that we wouldn’t recognize them without!

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It has been reported that in 1923, the silent film star Ben Turpin, decided to insure his famously crossed eyes for $100,000 in the even that his eyes became uncrossed. This is thought to be the very first celebrity body part to have been insured.


The Playboy mogul’s ex girlfriend Holly Madison took out a policy with Lloyd’s of London to insure her biggest assets. After hearing about other celebrities getting parts of themselves insured she thought she would jump on the band wagon. She appears topless in her Vegas Show, Peep Show and if anything were to happen to her breasts she could be out for a few months.


Following an unfortunate carrot chopping incident which led to rock legend Jeff Beck loosing the tip of his index finger and a seven week hiatus from playing guitar, he decided his fingers were too precious to be uninsured. He took out insurance of $1 million for each finger!


America Ferrera is known as the star of ‘Ugly Betty’ where she portrays an ugly duckling who wears braces. In real life, however she doesn’t require them at all. In 2006 Aquafresh took out a $10 million, insurance policy for the starlet’s smile with Lloyds of London. It was done as part of the programme, ‘Smiles for Success’ to raise money for a nationwide organisation which provides free dental care for women moving from welfare to work.


The American singer-songwriter insured his voice for a whopping $6 million, to act as a safety net if anything were to happen to him leaving him with severe damage to his voice. The policy was taken out with Lloyd’s of London around 1988.


The two famous funny men, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello worked very well together but feared they would have an argument that would lead to their career’s ending. To protect themselves from this happening, they took our a $250,000 policy against dispute. It is rumored the pair also took our a $100,000 policy that stipulated payment if an audience member would die of laughter.

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