Health Insurance Over 65

As you get older, your medical needs are likely to change, so it makes sense that health insurance also changes to reflect your requirements. Health insurance for over 65s can be more expensive though, as your advancing age puts you at greater risk of ill-health. You may also find that common health problems that affect older adults, such as diabetes and raised blood pressure, are not covered by many private medical plans. As it is often harder to find affordable health cover for seniors that meets all your medical needs, our expert advisors are here to help you. To ensure that you get a great deal on health insurance for over 65s, simply complete your requirements in the form below and with this information we will compare quotes from many insurance providers for you. With comprehensive health insurance in place, you can enjoy your retirement without having to worry about future health problems and the cost of treating these at the best medical facilities.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?

Health insurance over 60

Although insurers won’t usually provide cover for new customers over 75, if you are looking for a health insurance policy for over 60s it is usually still possible to access medical coverage, though you will sometimes have to search harder to find an affordable protection plan. If you have pre-existing conditions, you may find that a moratorium insurance policy best meets your needs. This only requires you to provide brief medical details, but you will not be covered for any conditions that were active in the previous five years and you need to wait at least two years without symptoms or treatment to make a claim. Even with moratorium underwriting you can still access different tiers of cover and extra options, such as dental care, physiotherapy and chiropody. This flexibility allows you to create the health insurance policy that is right for you and by reading health insurance reviews you can get a better idea of which medical policies may best meet your needs. However, we can take the hassle out of securing an appropriate health protection plan by undertaking our own extensive research on your behalf. Simply complete the form on this page to access our specialist help.

Health insurance over 55

Even if you are struggling to find health insurance for over 55s, we can help you access competitive quotes from the insurers that are happy to offer cover for older customers. Once we understand what you are looking for from your private medical plan, we can source you an affordable policy that meets all of your needs. For instance, if accessing private healthcare close to home is a priority, we will help you find an insurer that covers treatment provided by your nearest private hospital. However, if you have queries about whether it is possible to make a claim for your specific health complaints, get in touch and we will see whether there is a policy that is right for you.  As there is a wide range of health insurance in UK options available, we are confident you can access a health plan that meets both your medical requirements and your budget in your senior years.