Private Health Cover Elective Surgery

Elective surgery is surgery that is not urgently required for medical purposes. Examples of elective surgery include cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast implants or facelifts. Private health cover elective surgery policies can be hard to find, as health cover is intended to protect you against the financial cost of unexpected injuries or illness, whereas elective surgery is something you will have chosen to undergo. There are still private health cover elective surgery options available, and by talking to one of our expert advisors, you can be sure to get a great deal.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?

Private health cover plastic surgery

In most cases, plastic surgery will not be covered by private health cover, as it is a process you have chosen to have for cosmetic reasons, rather than because you need it for your health. However, there are certain types of plastic surgery that are performed for medical reasons, and if this is the case with the type of surgery you require, you can often find private health cover plastic surgery packages that will cover the cost of these. The important thing to remember is to always read the small print, and to ask your provider directly whether or not you will be covered for the procedures you are interested in.

Private health cover with cosmetic surgery

It is still possible to find private health cover with cosmetic surgery. The quickest and easiest way to find the cover you need is to call one of our expert advisors. They can discuss your requirements with you and then find you a quote from the UK’s leading insurance providers. Not only will you be sure that you are getting the cover you need and want, by talking to us you can get a great deal on your cover.