Private Health Cover Hospital

Private health cover offers many great hospital benefits to policy holders. As well as being treated in a private hospital, it also includes access to advanced treatments and drugs that are not yet available elsewhere. Call one of our expert advisors for more information on private health cover hospital policies.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?

Private health cover emergency

This is probably a big factor in helping people decide whether or not they want private health insurance. Getting private health cover emergency policies means that you will be protected financially in the event that you need emergency surgery or procedures. Call us today for more information on emergency policies.

Private health cover waiting periods

Private health cover waiting periods will differ depending upon which policy you select. Private hospitals and specialists generally have shorter waiting times, and it is possible to get a policy that has no waiting times at all, allowing you to get seen as soon as you need treatment.

Private health cover when pregnant

Private health doesn’t usually cover pregnancy, as most people plan to get pregnant, so it’s not an unexpected financial situation. However, there is support available from private health cover when pregnant, and there are options to cover you after you have given birth to protect you and your baby.

Private health cover pregnancy waiting period

There is likely to be a waiting period to see specialists and doctors to have your routine check-ups when pregnant. There may be options to reduce this time if you choose the private health cover pregnancy waiting period, so it’s worth talking to our expert advisors about your requirements.

Private health cover no waiting period pregnancy

Waiting for check-ups while pregnant can be frustrating and inconvenient. A private health cover no waiting period pregnancy policy allows you to avoid these waiting times so you can get seen straight away. These policies have higher premiums, but are worth it if you want to avoid the waiting times.