Private Health Cover Is It Worth It

A lot of people wonder ‘private health cover is it worth it?’ Considering they get access to state medical cover at a basic level, a lot of people think that they would just be paying more money for the same thing. But the answer to ‘private health cover is it worth it’ is ‘yes’, if you choose the right cover options and the right provider. Our expert advisors can get you a great deal on private health cover, as well as helping you to choose the right cover to suit your particular needs.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?

Private health cover in the UK

Private health cover in the UK has many advantages, one of the foremost being that you can avoid lengthy waiting times that can happen if you need treatment through the NHS. The NHS does a brilliant job with the resources they have to work with, but private health cover is better funded and has smaller patient numbers meaning you can get treated faster and with much higher levels of care. Talk to our advisors today for more information on the right private health cover for you.

Private health cover lifetime loading

Lifetime loading is an incentive that has been introduced to encourage people to get private health cover as soon as possible. What private health cover lifetime loading is, is an increase on your premiums for every year past a certain age that you sign up for a private health cover policy. If you sign up before the threshold age, you will not be liable to this yearly premium increase after you reach and exceed the threshold age. This makes it worthwhile for people to get private health cover when they are younger, as it reduces the costs of doing so in the future.