Private Health Cover Young Singles

As we all have different needs when it comes to our health, a ‘one size fits all’ package is rarely suitable when choosing private medical insurance. You will find that some health insurance packages are designed for people with families and partners, which have higher premiums to take into account the fact that others will benefit from their features too. If you are looking for private health cover young singles, you do not want to pay money for features that you will not need, particularly if that money could be put to better use saving for the deposit on a house. By coming to Luxury Medical for expert advice, we can help you find a great deal that not only saves you money on your protection plan, but gives you only the private health cover for young singles that you actually need.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?

Private health cover 30 years old

As a 30 year old, you are more likely to be in good health and not have any pre-existing medical conditions, and you are yet to be vulnerable to a lot of health problems that people start to develop as they age. This means there are lots of affordable options available if you are looking for private health cover 30 years old. Your monthly payments are typically lower than for customers who are middle aged or in their senior years, but even if you do have a history of illness, there are ways to receive more benefits in the near future. One option is to opt for a moratorium policy, which excludes current claims for conditions that have been active in the last five years, though these may allow you to claim in two years time if you have been symptom free.

Private health cover before 31

As you are young and less susceptible to many conditions, you can save money on your medical protection plan, as you are less likely to need extensive treatment. This can make a more basic level of cover attractive, which doesn’t allow you to claim for outpatient care, as you are less likely to need routine follow-up with a consultant if you have no past medical history. You will pay less each month for this level of protection, but you may want to put the money you save towards covering other medical services you may benefit from, such as specialist treatment for sporting injuries. You can therefore take advantage of the financial benefits of private health cover before 31 years old and maximise on the additional protection you can get for your money thanks to the fact that you are in good health.

While there are plenty of private medical insurance plans to choose from when you are young, if you do not have the time to conduct the necessary research, we can do this for you. Send in the above form with your details and we can provide you with competitive quotes on policies tailored to your needs.