Private Health Insurance Lifetime Health Cover Rules

Lifetime health cover is an initiative to encourage people to get health cover when they are younger. Private health insurance lifetime health cover rules state that premiums will rise by two per cent for every year after the age of 30 that you wait before taking out private health insurance.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?

Private health cover before 31

Taking out private health before 31 means that you can save money and also get access to great medical care and treatments. As well as all the usual benefits, you can avoid the lifetime loading fee, meaning that your premiums will be lower than if you joined later in life.

Private health cover changes 2012

Private health cover is always changing as laws are introduced or revised. For information on private health cover changes 2012, call one of our expert advisors, who will be happy to talk you through how your policy is affected, or would be if you haven’t taken one out yet.

Private health cover 2013

Making sure you have private health cover 2013 allows you to avoid stress and ensure your finances are looked after. Some providers have introductory deals for New Year customers, so get in touch with our expert advisors today to discuss health cover options that are available for you next year.

Private health cover and tax

If you are self-employed, you may be wondering how private health cover and tax affect each other. Private health cover is tax deductible, so instead of spending your business profits as tax, you can spend it on health insurance and get great health benefits without technically losing any money.

Private health cover gov

With the private health cover gov schemes being introduced by the government, private health insurance is becoming more and more attractive to people who haven’t considered it before. Call one of our expert advisors today to discuss health insurance and how these schemes might affect you.

Private health cover government

The government has been introducing new schemes to encourage people to get health insurance, such as lifetime health cover. Private health cover government plans make it easier for young people to afford private health insurance, and benefits the state because less people are relying on taxpayer funded medical care.

Private health cover government rebate

The private health cover government rebate makes it much easier for people to afford private health cover. It is based upon two factors; the oldest person covered by the policy, and also your annual earnings. You could get up to a 40 per cent rebate on your health insurance cost.

Private health cover rebate

The rebate depends upon the amount of money you earn, so if you are a high earner you may be unlikely to get a rebate. If you qualify, you could be liable for anywhere between a 10 to 40 per cent rebate on the cost of private health cover.

Private health cover threshold

The amount of money you can earn in a year before you cannot claim a rebate on your private health cover changes each year. It’s a good idea to keep track of the private health cover threshold so that you know exactly how much, if any, money you can claim.

Private health cover public hospital

Some private health insurance will entitle you to be treated in a private hospital. If you do not live near a private hospital, or do not want to be treated in one, you can get private health cover public hospital options. Talk to one of our experts advisors for more information today.

Private health cover gap

The private health cover gap is the gap between the amount of money a hospital or specialist charges for the treatment you require, and the amount that your insurance is willing to pay. This is most likely to apply if you opted for insurance policies where you pay an excess.