Health Insurance Jersey

You may want to consider health insurance for Jersey residents to get you access to treatments, tests and facilities that you would be otherwise unable to access. Healthcare in Jersey is very good to start with, and health insurance can give you extra benefits on top of that. Access to diagnostic tests and advanced specialist diagnosis means that you can be screened for illnesses that could otherwise go unnoticed until later on in life. One of our expert advisors can help you find a health insurance policy that gives you great benefits without being a huge financial burden.

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Health insurance Jersey Channel Islands

As all general practitioners in Jersey are private, you will have to pay for things such as injections and blood tests on top of the cost of visits. Health insurance for Jersey will cover these costs for you, meaning that you can effectively spread the cost of doctor’s visits over several months rather than having to pay a large cost up front. It is also recommended that you choose a health insurance for Jersey in the Channel Islands that includes some form of international insurance in case you need to be repatriated in order to be treated for certain conditions on the UK mainland, look into cheap private medical insurance.

Health insurance Jersey friendly societies

As well as standard health insurance providers, residents of Jersey may wish to consider becoming members of friendly societies. These not for profit organisations help to provide low-cost health insurance quotes to their members to ensure that they have access to medical treatment when they need it. Member benefits also often include dental or optical cover, although sometimes these only become available after having been a member for a set period of time. Health insurance in Jersey from friendly societies is low-cost and member-focussed.