The premiums you have to pay for your life insurance depend on many factors. Providers will take into account everything from your age and health to your lifestyle. Deciding how much life coverage you want means you can then get a quote to help you see what life insurance rates you would have to pay. Our easy to complete form below shows you just how affordable premiums for life insurance are, allowing you to protect your family from financial hardship after your death.

Life Insurance Rates Going Up

The rates you pay for life insurance can also change, meaning that you may end up paying more for your policy than you expect. For instance, certain laws and European rulings impact on the amount you pay for premiums. Although it used to be cheaper for women to take out life coverage, as they are less likely to suffer an early death, since 2013 unisex insurance premium rates have been in force, so life insurance costs the same for men and women now with similar circumstances. It is a good idea to keep up to date with the news regarding changes in legislation, so that you find out as soon as possible about life insurance rates going up, allowing you to plan accordingly.

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Life Insurance Rates Calculator

As well as finding out exactly how much you need to be covered for by your life insurance policy, you can also use specialist online calculators to estimate the monthly premiums you will have to pay. The larger the payout you wish your family to have, the larger the premiums you can expect to pay, while insurance rates vary depending upon which provider you choose, as well as the term length of your policy. You should choose your length of policy carefully, ideally allowing it to run for as long as others are dependent on you, which may be till your children have left university or until your mortgage is paid off. Using a life insurance rates calculator is a good way of getting an idea of how much life insurance would cost for you. With this information you can then discuss your specific needs with one of our expert life insurance advisers to make sure that you get the best deal on coverage that is right for your circumstances.

Life Insurance Rates UK

Your age, health and lifestyle all play an important part in the rates you will be charged for your life insurance. As a result you may end up paying higher premiums if you are older, in poor health or you have a high risk occupation. Smoking also increases the cost of life insurance, so quitting is advisable to bring down your premiums. Never be tempted to withhold information about your state of health or your habits, as with false information your family cannot receive a payout, so lower monthly insurance payments would prove futile. Getting quotes using our form allows you to get an overview of the life insurance rates UK, but getting in touch with one of our team will quickly clarify whether you are eligible for a given policy.


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