Private Health Insurance For Children

With our experience in the field of private health cover, we can guide you to find the best possible insurance for all your family. Choosing health insurance for children can be daunting, as whether you have a young baby or a teenager, you want to make sure that they will have the best access to private healthcare should they need it. Certain conditions occur more commonly in children, partly because youngsters are more prone to accidents and also because their immune systems are still not fully developed. While private medical policies for children don’t cover accident and emergency services, and the NHS does try to prioritise children’s care whenever possible, there are times when you will want faster access to care than the public health service can provide.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?

Protecting your family with a private healthcare plan can therefore give your children swift access to the best hospitals and consultants. To make sure that you buy the right policy for your children, we will find out what you are looking for from private medical cover for kids. Getting in touch with us to discuss your needs can let you put a healthcare plan in place to protect your children’s health from all eventualities.


Even if your kids are in good health now, there is unfortunately no guarantee that they won’t become unwell and need hospital treatment. You may also want to consider private health insurance for children, as some plans also cover costs of routine healthcare, such as private dental treatment and visits to a private optician. As the health needs of children are very different from yours and also seniors who need to access health insurance over 65, specialist medical policies for kids are available. This allows the under 18s in your family to access treatment from a paediatric specialist at a convenient time to fit around their school work. As an inpatient they will also usually have access to comfortable private room and specialist paediatric treatment centres usually do not restrict visiting times. If your child is under 16, the policy may also pay for you to stay overnight with them.


As with any health coverage, when purchasing private medical insurance for children, you should weigh up the costs and benefits carefully. It is a fine balance between taking out extensive cover for all medical possibilities and considering the financial implications of this, as such comprehensive policies are usually very expensive. As a parent you will have to decide whether the plans are affordable or not, but you will also need to factor in what conditions and treatments are vital from a medical policy for children. Our experienced advisers can help you to find a health protection plan that meets the needs of all of your family. If you are unsure whether a pre-existing condition that one of your children may have will be covered, make contact with us and we can advise you accordingly and help you find the most affordable medical insurance for kids.