Cheap Health Insurance

We search the whole of the UK health insurance market for cheap health insurance for you and your family. With NHS waiting lists constantly increasing and growing pressure on public hospitals, private medical insurance offers an opportunity to protect yourself from long waiting lists and standards of care below what you expect. With competition from a number of top insurers for your business there has never been a better time to shop around for the best deal on your health cover. When you can access a competitive price for cover to protect your health, this makes private medical policies more affordable. It also allows more people to take advantage of the benefits of private medical insurance, which includes swift access to specialists, tests and treatment not routinely provided on the NHS and your choice of hospital and surgeon.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?


Consumers working on a tight budget need to research extensively the health insurance market to uncover the most attractive and suitable health insurance plans. Lots of insurance companies provide cheap health insurance policies, but there is always a balance between what you pay for medical cover and the benefits you gain. If you go for an insurance plan just because it is cheap, you may later find out that the treatment you require is not eligible under the plan. This can happen if you don’t read the fine print of your medical protection plan carefully. Conditions and treatments that are frequently excluded include pre-existing problems, chronic illnesses, cosmetic procedures, organ transplants or injuries acquired through dangerous pursuits or combat, but you always need to check with the individual policy. Therefore, while low insurance premium costs are desirable, they are not the only criterion on which to base your decision.


When looking for cheap health insurance, you still have to check that the benefits and coverage are appropriate to your personal circumstances. For instance, you will need to be sure that your chosen medical insurance provider covers private treatment locally and for your preferred clinics and specialists. Information about the cost and benefits of different health insurance London plans, and for those that cover the rest of the UK, are now available on the internet via price comparison and review websites. With online research you can even find cheap health insurance working abroad plans, which are still custom-made to suit your specific medical circumstances, and are ideal if your line of work requires you to travel. However, whatever your needs, it always pays to make sure that your health coverage definitely offers the required protection, which is why contacting one of our trained advisers can put your mind at rest.