Private Health Insurance Plans

Whether you are an individual making private health insurance plans for yourself or your family, or you are looking for company health insurance, we provide you the best advice on how to select the right policy. Once we understand your medical requirements and your budget, one of our expert advisers will provide you with a range of policies that are suitable for your unique healthcare needs. To help us select the right private health plan for you, start the process by completing the form below.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?


If you want to include cover for a particular condition in your plan, which will allow you to access the latest treatments that are not yet available through the public healthcare system, it is essential you select a private medical policy that offers this protection. However, with pre-existing conditions, you may not be able to access treatment via your health cover. It is also important to be aware that certain treatments are rarely covered by private insurance plans, so if you thought that taking out health protection might be an option to pay for cosmetic procedures or treatment of injuries related to extreme sports, you might be left disappointed if you don’t check the terms and conditions. Other services are not included as standard, but if you are interested in getting cover for dental or optical treatment, or to cover complementary therapies, this is available when you pay a higher monthly premium. There are also specialist medical protection plans tailored to your other circumstances, with health insurance self-employed just one of the additional plans available.


If you want to take out the best health coverage you can afford, there are various ways of cutting your costs on private health insurance plans. Addressing your lifestyle is a good area to start with, so if you smoke or you are overweight, taking steps to follow healthier habits can knock pounds off your monthly payments. Choosing to pay an excess is another way to access a more comprehensive private health plan at a more affordable price. Similarly, if you choose to make some payments out of your own pocket, this reduces your overall claims, which can again bring down your medical insurance premiums. If you are prepared to limit the options you can choose from for private hospitals and clinics, this is a further way to avoid more costly premiums. However, this is more practical if you live in a big city than for someone who needs a private health Jersey insurance plan.

While these steps can all reduce the cost of private medical plans, comparing the premiums offered by various insurers can help you secure the best deal. Searching the internet for the cheapest health insurance rate is a possibility, but as this requires a great deal of time and effort, we can take the hassle out of this for you. If you need help choosing specialist medical cover, this is even more important, as we can make sure that the policy not only offers good value for money, but also meets all your needs. Make contact today if you need help finding a health protection plan that covers a pre-existing condition.