Private Health Insurance Compare

Luxury Medical’s advice service for private health insurance can help you find the best policy to cover you and your family from unexpected medical expenses. Our expertise can make the complex and time-consuming task of securing health cover far easier for you. We can help you compare the different coverage offered by the many insurance plans available and guide you towards the plan that best suits your medical and financial circumstances. With so many terms and conditions to understand, not to mention the technical jargon used in health insurance policies, it is often difficult for an untrained person  to decipher exactly what they are getting from a particular health protection plan. Our expert advisers not only aim to understand your needs, but they also aim to make sure you are fully aware of your health policy. To benefit from the help of our experienced team at Luxury Medical, fill out the form below and one of our experts will get back to you with a range of competitive quotes.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do?


It is essential that you weigh all the costs and benefits associated with different medical insurance plans. In order to get the most out of private health insurance, compare all the different costs that you will need to pay under various levels of medical cover. As well as the monthly insurance premium charges that you will have to pay, you should also consider the additional payments you may need to make for treatments that are not covered by a plan. For instance, you should consider whether you want to access outpatient care, as well as inpatient treatment, and whether you want to add on extra services offered by allied health professionals. If you suffer from any long-term conditions, it is also recommended to investigate whether any health coverage policies will allow you to claim for medical expenses related to these.

While you can look at health insurance reviews to compare the benefits offered by different insurance policies, by conducting a thorough analysis of the various medical insurance plans available, we can do the hard work for you. If you have specific medical needs, one of our advisers can use their expertise to find you a policy that matches these as closely as possible, so make contact today to see what we can offer you.


Besides comparing the services offered by each private medical plan, you will inevitably want to choose the cover that offers you best value for money. While websites offering private health insurance compare facilities can show you the cost of the monthly premiums, it is beneficial to understand how you may be able to reduce the price of your medical coverage further. While negotiation with health insurance providers is possible, you can take smart steps to lower your health insurance rates. For example, if you take measures to keep yourself in good health, insurers look on this favourably and may offer you lower monthly insurance charges. Non-smokers and people with a healthy body mass index can usually access cheaper health protection plans, but you can also demonstrate this by avoiding medical appointments and treatments, and making fewer claims. We can guide you on ways to reduce the cost of your private medical cover and also make sure that if you have specific needs, such as requiring health insurance self employed, that we can still help you achieve a good deal by comparing specialist medical protection plans for you.